How To Clean Flat Finish Walls

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 09/20

One of the questions frequently posed to me on estimate calls is "How do I clean my flat finish walls?" Flat finish walls are tricky to clean. I typically give two suggestions, 1) Try to clean with hot water and a sponge (no detergents) and do a minor touch-up with areas that will not clean off 2) or Repaint your walls with an eggshell (satin) finish that is more washable. It is difficult to clean flat finish walls, and the longer you wait the less opportunity you have to make them look new. Using a lot of elbow grease and detergents often breaks down the paint quality and sometimes leaves hallow marks in the finish. Earlier this year, our Company discovered a new sponge by Scotch-Brite called the "Easy Erasing Pad" designed to clean flat paint walls. I was skeptical about its effectiveness but decided to give it a try. I must say after trying it on several different walls that it really did an excellent job cleaning the walls. It did not leave hallow marks either. If the walls had surface scuff marks, most of them came off with little effort on my part. I began trying the sponge on woodwork and cabinetry, and it worked wonders. I am sold on the new tool and am passing it on to my customers and friends who are reading this blog. To find out more about this helpful little sponge: Click Here

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