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A number of months ago, we were asked to bid a coastal property in La Jolla with a very high quality product. Our estimator recognized the address and home as one Chism Brothers painted a number of years ago. The previous owner had sold the home, and the new owner wanted to do a few things to the home. We provided an estimate to the general contractor who referred us, and a few months went by with nothing happening. Then, we received a call requesting more information about products and what we would be doing. The owner, Mike Chism, this time went out to look at the project and explain what was estimated. We recommended a ceramic-based coating for this home that was right on the water. The reason the homeowner wanted us to come back out is to ask us about using a product that guaranteed to, "Never Paint Your Home again." The owner was at the Del Mar Fair this past June and ran into the sales company offering paint services with ludicrous warranites. Their sales information is so appealing to certain homeowners who want a paint job that will last for years and years. The problem is, they put an enormous price tag on the service that is not worth it. The companies are not paint companies but are truly more interested about selling a "product" at a high price, not a quality, long lasting service. It is ashame to hear and read about homeowners who have paid sometimes 3 times the cost to have these types of companies paint their home.

This morning, in our weekly staff meeting, our production manager said he drove by the property and saw that the home was being painted with the "Never Paint Your Home Again" product! As it turns out, the product we estimated was almost identical, just with a different name. Both products are good, but it is the company that is more important. Most professional paint companies can use ceramic coatings and charge a fair price, but if you receive an estimate from a company that ONLY advertises life time warranties and sells you on never having to paint again, beware. We warned the contractor that the owner would pay 3 times the cost, and as far as we know, she paid that much more because she felt she was getting a better job and product. This company and several others around town do not typically have their own employees or know a lot about paint. They sell a product and subcontract the work. What happens in 10 years if there is a touch-up item on your home? That company will most likely NOT be in business and will not honor the warranty because subcontractors, not employees did the work.

Chism Brothers Painting will recommend the best paint for your home completed with integrity and a 5 year warranty. If there is a question or problem that arises longer than 5 years, we encourage our clients to call us, because we have been around for over 25 years to prove we will take care of our customers.

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