Christmas Curb Appeal Painting Ideas

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The song says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” and many agree that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the opportune times to “dress-up” the home, both inside and out. The yearly climb up into the attic or venture to the basement will yield strings of lights, bold red bows and forest green wreaths all ready to be untangled and hung for all to see. Great care is given to the placement of every outdoor light and wreath. But, to your great dismay, the front door, the centerpiece of your entryway, is in need of some fresh paint to cover streaks and discoloration. The once pristine white columns and window trim are also a bit gray from wear. Before the decorations are hung, consider a quick makeover that will provide a beautiful backdrop to the Christmas wreaths and lights.

There is still time to schedule the painter and choose your colors. If you desire to make a striking curbside statement, choose a bold door color like a tulip red or a bright gold color. Search for a color that will complement the exterior color of your home, but will draw attention to the entryway. A more subtle color can complement the exterior and also enhance the interior foyer color. The paint professionals at Chism Brothers will provide information about the optimum paint type to use on the door and will assist in providing color suggestions. The project may require a primer (for color enhancement) and several coats of paint (plus adequate drying time) may be needed to provide excellent coverage. This front porch and entryway “facelift” project will create the perfect backdrop for the holiday wreaths and lights and will enhance the beauty of your home all year long!

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