Create A New Kitchen with Restored Cabinetry, Craftsman-Style

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Create A New Kitchen with Restored Cabinetry, Craftsman-Style

From time to time, most of us dream of having a new kitchen.  Most times, it’s just a daydream as the expensive reality of funding a new kitchen settles in.  But, what if you could have that new kitchen feeling by having the cabinetry restored?  Not just you and a paintbrush for a weekend, but actual craftsman-restored cabinetry? There are plenty of reasons why cabinetry restoration is a good way to go.

Restored Kitchen Cabinetry Fits Perfectly into Your Home

Your classic San Diego area home was designed and built way back when, and the old adage of they don’t build them like they used to holds true.  Although your kitchen cabinetry has seen its fair share of banged cutlery, chipped paint and worn finishes around the hardware, chances are your cabinets have good bones.  Many modern kitchen cabinets have pressed or particle board components.  Vintage kitchen cabinetry was built to last, often using wood as the foundation.

And those cabinets fits perfectly; they’ve been part of your home since the beginning.  New cabinets aren’t as likely to fit as well into a house that’s settled over time.  The original cabinets fit your kitchen space like a glove; they’ve settled with the house as well.

Restored Kitchen Cabinetry = Lots of Choices + Increased Home Value

So what would you like to change about your kitchen cabinets?  The color?  No problem.  You have a rainbow to choose from, and a color consultant can help you make the best choice.  Different color stain?  Again, no worries.  When you choose a quality contractor, you have the option to change virtually all the cosmetic aspects of your kitchen cabinets.  And the hardware as well.  Although you may be tempted to start with a clean slate, refinishing your existing cabinetry can payoff big in the long run, increasing your home's resale value. Skilled craftspeople, experienced with restoration, can transform your cabinetry, and essentially give you a whole new kitchen.  Better still, they can offer suggestions for the restoration that will not only enhance your kitchen, but complement your entire home’s style as well.

Restored Kitchen Cabinetry is a Work of Art

Yes, it’s possible to choose an entire kitchen from a big box store.  And it will look exactly like it did in the store.  Exactly like every single one that is sold and installed.  Restored kitchen cabinetry is unique, calling on your individual taste and style and your individual craftsperson’s skill and experience.  Together, the result is a kitchen unlike any other, and a true reflection of you and your home.

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