Exterior House Staining in San Diego: Adding Protection and Value

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When it comes to exterior house maintenance, painting can steal the show. Everybody loves a new color palette, complete with that crisp trim, bright front door, and all the trendy touches.

But what about stain? 

Honestly, stain sometimes isn’t fully appreciated until you see the kind of beauty it offers firsthand. We’re talking natural, timeless warmth and charm that radiates with craftsmanship. After all, it’s not easy to stain a surface well. 

So much more than just a pretty face, stain is also a first line of defense:

  • Locks out moisture
  • Slows UV damage
  • Prevents pest intrusion
  • Protects your vulnerable wood surfaces

Much like paint, you also have a LOT of different types of stain to choose from, and differing levels of opacity. Whether you want a transparent coating that lets all your wood grain shine, or a more solid stain with ultimate protection, the right choice is out there.

A Closer Look At Our House Staining Process

This video clip offers a perfect perspective, both of the process and the results. 

  • Preparation, just like with painting, is key. We make sure the wood is sound, healthy, sanded, and ready for stain. 
  • We also cover surrounding landscaping, and mask any surfaces to protect from overspray. 
  • While many surfaces are hand-stained, we use a sprayer for larger applications.
  • In this case, we sprayed the siding, but then brushed it in as well for greater surface penetration.

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