Exterior Painting: Surface Preparation Makes All the Difference!

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Can anyone paint? Technically. But that doesn’t mean everyone has the skills, tools, or ability to paint well. Even fewer people grasp the crucial importance of surface preparation too, and protecting/prepping the surrounding environment.

We believe in investing our time to make sure that your home is fully ready to be painted, way before the paint touches the brush. Not only will this improve the look of your final project, it will also ensure that your newly-painted surfaces last much longer.

How Does Our Team Ensure Quality?

There are many ways that we can guarantee quality for whatever project you may have.

  • Power washing for a clean surface

  • Surface repairs, such as wood rot or cracked stucco

  • Sanding uneven surfaces

  • Priming

  • Investing in trusted, high-quality products

We Prepare More Than Just The Painted Surfaces

We want you to know that our goal is to not just to prepare the painted surfaces, but also to protect the surrounding area by covering/removing items and protecting your landscaping. We respect your property, and know that it’s a matter of trust to be invited to your home. 

We Know You Will Be Happy With Our Work

You deserve to be 100% satisfied with your project, knowing and understanding the value that sets our work and processes apart.

So go ahead, take a step and trust us with your painting project. You’ll be glad you did! Contact us today to make an appointment and discuss your project goals.

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