Exterior Painting & Wood Repair Project at Piatti’s in La Jolla, Fall 2012

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If you've never eaten out at Piatti's in La Jolla, make a reservation today. This restaurant is a favorite to the local and long time residence of La Jolla. We had the privilege back in 2005 to paint the interior of Piatti's with over 12 colors and with less than 72 hours of time to complete. It brings back special memories for me personally because it was one of those final projects my Uncle Pat Chism got to work on before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer (summer of 2005). All of our painters got to work together to complete the 3 day renovation project. Pat did a lot of the managing of this project.

The interior of Piatti's has since been repainted again (by another firm) and does not have the multi-color look anymore. It still looks great though. Worth a visit! Fast forward almost 8 years later, we were awarded the contract to complete the exterior of Piattis and its next door neighbor, a local salon.

A couple years ago, we hired a new employee to add to our paint crew and found out he was a very skilled carpenter. We have since moved him into being our resident carpenter to complete miscellaneous repairs, replacing or adding custom moulding and much more. This worked out well for Piatti's, because we were able to repair a number of damaged areas to their shingle siding and do the painting (1 stop shop). This saved them time and money dealing with one firm. 

In this blog post are just a few pictures of the before, during and after of some of the repair work. The painting is nothing exciting as we did not change colors. We did however do the standard pressure washing, cleaning, prepping and priming before applying finish coats of a Vista exterior paint. This project was completed to freshen up the wood surfaces and complete a few minor repairs. 

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