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As the estimator and one of the owners of Chism Brothers Painting, I face the war on price every day of the week. It is draining at times. I keep asking myself why I feel so disappointed sometimes when I lose work to a lower priced competitor. I realized that when I do lose work, it is typically because the homeowner has not heard of us much (if ever) and is searching for the lowest or lower price. I looked back over my estimates for 2006 and realized that close to 80% of our jobs were from repeat or referrals. It was those existing clients that knew and trusted the value CBP promised to deliver. Our new clients heard about our reputation and hired us to paint their home. We gave them the best value and cost for what we were doing. It would be my dream to work with everyone who calls my company. I am not a salesman who just looks at charging a high price! If Chism Brothers charged very high prices and ripped people off, we would have ALL retired by now or been forced out of business for bad business practices.

I was born and raised in the painting business, which started with my grandfather, and am passionate to spread the word about how good our staff is at painting homes. My Dad and Uncle, Pat Chism, did a wonderful job growing this company and establishing themselves in a paint company dedicated to producing high quality work with terrific customer care. They put their heart and soul into every job, and it is this passion that is being communicated to every employee we hire. I would love to be both the Walmart and the Nordstroms of the painting industry in San Diego but it is simply not possible. Now I am on the path of trying to educate those who come in contact with Chism Brothers Painting about why we are different. Our goal is to have the quality service and pricing similiar to a Nordstroms experience. If you have never stepped foot into a Nordstroms or similiar store, you may not understand the customer care we try to achieve.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, I hope you will consider giving Chism Brothers the opportunity to lead you through the painting process. We are here to assist you, and we promise to make it a pleasant experience—an experience you will not forget! If you request an estimate, you will get to meet me in person! I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for reading.

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