House Painting in San Diego: Take a Look At This Exterior Transformation!

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House Painting in San Diego: Take a Look At This Exterior Transformation!

In our last article we talked about a handful of popular interior painting projects to wrap up before the holidays (check it out here if you missed it!).

But how about your exterior painting projects? There is no better way to create a powerful transformation in a relatively short amount of time, adding incredible curb appeal before your doorbell starts to ring.

Not only is exterior painting a chance to add style, but it’s also a crucial opportunity to protect your home’s surfaces. Paint is your first line of defense against moisture intrusion, pests, rot, UV damage, premature surface decay, and more. 

As a perfect example, let’s take a look at a San Diego home that we just painted. We resurrected these exterior surfaces, creating a change that goes so much deeper than just aesthetics.

Exterior House Painter in Action

exterior house painter San Diego

When we arrived, these surfaces were beyond just tired: this was full-blown paint failure.

Pro Tip:

NEVER wait until your paint has completely failed (chipping and peeling) before painting. It creates much more work, and adds to the overall time and cost involved in your project. Routine touch-ups and maintenance painting is much, much more cost-effective in the long-run.

Our team took a deep dive, repairing, sanding, priming, and repainting, carefully focusing on each detail to refresh and revitalize these surfaces. What a difference!

Surface Prep Makes All the Difference

Here’s another tip: before you hire a painting company, make sure you know exactly what’s included in your estimate, especially when it comes to surface preparation.

Using this project as an example, if a painter were to skip or minimize initial repairs and prep, the new paint would never last as long. It’d be gripping onto a faulty foundation, doomed for failure. Would the cost be lower? In some cases, yes! But you’d dearly pay for it all over again a few years down the road.

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