How Much Does Interior Painting Cost in San Diego?

 How Much Does Interior Painting Cost in San Diego?

Few home improve­ment projects are more fun and refresh­ing than inte­ri­or paint­ing. You can total­ly trans­form your liv­ing spaces with­out any messy demo­li­tion, or a long, expen­sive con­struc­tion project. What’s not to love about that, right?

There are, how­ev­er, a lot of fac­tors to con­sid­er, and one of the biggest on our clients’ minds is the cost. So, how much does inte­ri­or paint­ing cost in San Diego? We’ll share some ball­park pric­ing below, plus a clos­er look at what impacts the cost of your paint job. 

The cost of inte­ri­or paint­ing for an aver­age San Diego home

  • Ball­park price for paint­ing the walls in two bed­rooms, kitchen, liv­ing room, and bath­room: $3,000 – 5,000

  • Ball­park cost for a full inte­ri­or repaint (walls, ceil­ings, base­boards, doors, win­dow sills, and the inte­ri­or of clos­ets): $6,000 – 8,000+

What impacts the cost of your inte­ri­or paint job?

We typ­i­cal­ly avoid giv­ing ball­park esti­mates because SO many fac­tors impact how much an inte­ri­or repaint actu­al­ly costs. Here’s a look at what’s con­sid­ered and includ­ed in the final proposal:

1. The size of your home

It stands to rea­son that if you have a larg­er home, it’s going to cost more to paint. Keep in mind though that it can be more effi­cient and eco­nom­i­cal to paint every­thing at once as opposed to paint­ing a cou­ple of rooms at a time. So, if a full inte­ri­or repaint is on your radar, let us know. We’ll pro­vide a cou­ple price points for you to consider.

2. Which inte­ri­or sur­faces would you like painted?

There’s a lot more to your home’s inte­ri­or than walls. The final cost hinges on whether you’d like to also paint ceil­ings, base­boards, doors, win­dow sills, trim, the inte­ri­or of your clos­ets, etc. This is def­i­nite­ly impor­tant to consider.

3. The con­di­tion of your surfaces

Are there holes to be fixed? Tex­tur­ing to be done? Is there peel­ing paint on doors or win­dows? Is there oil-based paint or lead-based paint to be dealt with? Trim with exist­ing oil-based paint requires addi­tion­al prepa­ra­tion like extra cleaning/​sanding and a bond­ing primer or spe­cial­ty hybrid paint. Lead paint can result in sig­nif­i­cant cost increas­es not only in the prep work need­ed, but also the mask­ing and con­tain­ment required to ensure safe­ty for the painters and residents. 

4. The amount of per­son­al belong­ings and fur­ni­ture in the space

How much fur­ni­ture and per­son­al belong­ings will we need to move, mask, or cov­er? A room with a couch, chair, and TV could be masked and pro­tect­ed thor­ough­ly in just an hour. A room with lots of fur­ni­ture, pic­tures, fragile/​antique items, and an enter­tain­ment cen­ter, on the oth­er hand, could take 2 painters one hour each (or more!) to thor­ough­ly mask. 

What should you know or con­sid­er before start­ing your inte­ri­or repaint in San Diego?

1. Be as sure as you can be of what you’d like to paint, and the col­ors you’d like to use.

It’s help­ful for you to have a clear idea of the spe­cif­ic areas you’d like to paint. If pos­si­ble, it can help to know the col­ors you’d like, too. This isn’t just to make our job eas­i­er, though. Col­or changes and the num­ber of coats need­ed all impact your price, and hav­ing these con­sid­er­a­tions up front will help us pro­vide the most accu­rate esti­mate possible. 

2. Be ready to give up the room for a lit­tle bit.

We work care­ful­ly… very care­ful­ly. But no mat­ter how care­ful you are, inte­ri­or paint­ing does cause some lev­el of unavoid­able dis­rup­tion to your every­day life. You may need to give up” a room for a day or so, or find a dif­fer­ent sleep­ing arrange­ment if a bed­room repaint takes more than a day to finish.

3. Sand­ing comes with the territory.

It’s impor­tant to know that sand­ing is often nec­es­sary for prop­er paint adhe­sion, which means there will be some dust. We’ll do every­thing we can to main­tain a clean work envi­ron­ment, but 100% con­tain­ment isn’t possible. 

What’s your takeaway?

A suc­cess­ful inte­ri­or paint­ing project in San Diego all comes down to the right plan­ning and hav­ing a full under­stand­ing of what the job involves. This helps you know what to expect, and also to real­ly know what impacts the price point, too. 

With that in mind, here’s one final thought: make sure you receive a clear, detailed esti­mate before your paint­ing project begins. A pro­fes­sion­al painter will break down every step, plus the asso­ci­at­ed cost, leav­ing no room for ambiguity. 

If you have more ques­tions about inte­ri­or paint­ing in San Diego, con­tact us at Chism Broth­ers Paint­ing. It would be our plea­sure to talk with you. 

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