How To Choose a Living Room Paint Color in San Diego

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How To Choose a Living Room Paint Color in San Diego

For most of us, the central hub of activity in your home is either the kitchen or the living room. This is where life happens, from cooking dinner on movie night to having guests over for the holidays. Taking it a step further, these spaces also have a unique power to really set the tone for your home’s overall style.

So, no pressure, but it’s important to get the paint colors right. 

Today, let’s talk through your living room. How do you pick the perfect interior paint color without it feeling like a total toss of the die?

5 Practical Tips for Picking a Living Room Paint Color You’ll Love

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Draw from the colors around you

What are the fixed elements in your living room? Sure, this could be an architectural component, but it also could be a piece of artwork you love, furniture, or maybe even a rug. Find a color within the piece, then draw it out and color-match it. This is a proven way to create a cohesive palette too.

Look for specific examples online

It’s easy to search for “trendy living room paint colors,” but those hot picks aren’t necessarily going to be the right fit for your living room. What fits in an ultra-modern house that’s all stainless steel and glass won’t work in a classic Mission Hills beauty. 

We recommend searching on the internet using more specific terms, like “living room paint colors for a darker space.” Or, “living room paint colors for high ceilings.” Get more detailed to get the best, most relevant, results possible. 

Go neutral!

Neutral interior paint, including white, is still super popular. It’s such a versatile option too that really works with any other colors or textures you want to incorporate. If you have natural elements like a brick fireplace, white can be stunning! Or, add in some warm natural stains and finishes as accent pieces.

Don’t use paint swatches to pick a color

Those little cardboard squares can be a helpful starting point, but you really need to test drive the color before signing on the dotted line. We recommend painting samples on your wall so you can see how it looks in your home and through varying types and levels of lighting throughout the day. If you’d rather not paint a sample, apply your paint to a piece of poster board and tape it up.

Bring your favorite outdoor colors inside

Okay, so this seems a little “out there,” but it can be a really fun exercise. Think through your favorite outdoor places or seasons and identify the dominant colors. Natural colors have been shown to reduce stress and promote calm, especially if you have a positive association. So whether you want to draw in the beachy beauty of La Jolla or maybe autumn colors from a favorite fall vacation place, use them as inspiration. 

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