How To Hire a Painting Contractor in San Diego

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How To Hire a Painting Contractor in San Diego

House painting isn't easy, and it's a BIG deal. That's why many homeowners look to professional painters to make sure it's done right, delivering the best look and value possible. So, this leaves just one question: how do you find the right painting contractor?

Let's break it down across a couple key questions.

How Do You Find Reputable Painting Contractors?

  1. Turn to the internet, searching for "house painters near me." Once you have those results though, it's time to drill down deeper.
  2. Check online reviews! And don't just look for the 5-star ratings. There will be inevitable poor reviews too, now and then, but the way your prospective painting contractor responded can tell you a lot about their focus on customer service and their reputation.
  3. Check their local longevity. Just because a painting company has been around a long time doesn't necessarily mean they're good, but in most cases it speaks to their commitment and quality. 
  4. Follow them on social media. Facebook and Instagram can offer a real window into the type of work they do, and the pride they take in their paint jobs. Snoop around! That's what the profiles are there for. 
  5. Ask friends and family if they have experience with a specific painting company. Referrals are a primary lead source for reputable painting companies who work hard to build trust and relationships with clients. 

How To Choose the Right Painting Contractor

Okay, now you've found a solid prospect. How do you know if they're the one?

  1. Ask for a list of references. Like we mentioned above, a good painting company has nothing to hide, and will have happy clients who are willing to spread the word. 
  2. Ask if they have a specific paint manufacturer they like to use, and why. This can give you a look into their experience, product knowledge, and whether or not they use quality paint.
  3. Make sure you receive a clear, detailed estimate that outlines the steps involved in your painting project, their painting process, and the types of paint they're going to use. It should also spell out paint colors, any recommendations (if you need help!), and the timeline of your painting job. 
  4. It's also crucial that you understand exactly what level of painting prep is included, and whether any surface repairs are needed. Full transparency is key, and it starts with your estimate.
  5. Do you feel like your time is valued? Focused, prompt communication is imperative, from the first call to job scheduling. 
  6. Is your painting contractor fully licensed and insured? If not, you can be held liable for job site injuries or damage, and that's not a position that a reputable painting contractor should put you in. 
  7. Does your house painter use employees or subcontractors? The subcontractor model can work well in some cases, but overall it's best to have dedicated, in-house employees that are accountable. 

We hope this offers some food for thought, and helps narrow the list of painting contractors for you. If you have additional questions about your San Diego house painting project, feel free to contact us. We're here to help.

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