How to Keep a Paint Job Looking Fresh

The quality and appearance of a paint job significantly contributes to the overall quality of a home. On top of repainting every few years, paint must be cleaned and well-maintained to stay looking fresh. Of course, the better quality paint job you start out with, the longer your paint job will look fresh. Although inevitably, exterior paint will weather from sunlight, wind, and other elements, and interior paint will accumulate dust, grime and scuffs over the course of a year or two.

Follow these tips to keep your paint looking clean and crisp.

  • Keep surfaces clean.

​Dirt and dust conceal the beauty of a paint job, so it is important to dust and lightly wash your walls every few months. Similarly to car paint, an exterior or interior paint job will look best when washed and kept clean. The best method to clean the exterior of your home is power-washing. Power-washing effectively and quickly removes dirt, mildew, and chalky residue from a paint surface. To clean your interior paint:

  1. Use warm water and a mild detergent or ammonia, and a soft sponge to clean the lightly clean the walls in circular motion.
  2. Take a clean sponge and fresh water to rinse the surface.
  3. Finally, dry the surface thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. [Caution, do not attempt to clean dark walls painted a flat sheen, because flat paint is difficult to clean and you will probably end up doing more harm than good.]
  • Have a free inspection done.

Good contractors provide free inspections to their clients. Typically, inspections should be done 2-3 years after they complete the paint job, or if there is any problem with the paint function or performance. Your paint contractor should be able to tell you how much longer the paint job will last, or whether touch ups need to be done. (Usually homes near a coast will need exterior refreshing and retouching every 3 or so years.)

  • Touch-up unless a repaint job is needed.

If a couple walls in your home have spots that need repainting, you can consider repainting the blemished walls from corner to corner instead of the whole room (of course, this option depends on whether or not you have access to the same paint color you used for the rest of the room). For exterior paint surfaces, usually only the surfaces that receive direct sunlight need a touch-up every 1-2 years. Maintaining the areas that receive the most wear year-round will save you a lot of time and extra maintenance in the future.

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