How Long Does it Take Paint to Cure?

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How Long Does it Take Paint to Cure?

The curing time of paint is dependent on a variety of factors, such as: climate, number of coats, type of paint, etc. The greatest determinant is which type of paint you use. Most paints will include the on the label how many hours it takes that paint to dry to the touch. Depending on the ventilation, oil-based paint takes about twelve hours to dry to the touch. Latex paint will feel dry in as few as three hours. However, the full curing time takes much longer.

Oil-based Paints

As oil-based paint cures, the thinner evaporates and the oils seep into the pores of the surface leaving behind the binder and the pigment. This major part of this process takes up to a few weeks, but oil based paint will always be oxidizing as it ages.

Water-based/Latex Paints

As latex paints dry, the water in the paint evaporates leaving behind the pigment and the polymer molecules (the component that gives latex paint elasticity). Generally speaking, in San Diego, this process takes up to fourteen days.

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