How Much Does Faux Painting a Bedroom Cost in La Jolla area

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Faux Painting is still a popular solution to update your walls. It really is more about the color selected than the technique. So if you are like me, you want to know what something cost before contacting a company, right? So what does a faux painting cost if you live in and around the La Jolla or coastal San Diego area? 

A couple things to keep in mind to get a more accurate quote:

  1. Determine the style and technique you wish to have on your walls. If you are not working with an interior designer, you may decide on a classic rag roll or parchment finish. These are typically the most common faux techniques you'll see and are most cost effective. 
  2. Select the walls you want to have a faux finish. Chism Brothers measures the room and counts how many openings (doors, windows and cabinets) we have to work around. So it is not only the size of the room but also how many openings are in a room that make the cost go up or down. Typically it is more work to faux a room with more openings than 4 solid walls. The painters just have to tape (mask) the ceiling and baseboards on solid walls but in a room with more openings, our staff has more time in the preparation and masking. 
  3. Decide if your current walls need a base color applied first. Typically most homes we do any faux painting need to have a base coat. We recommend an eggshel or satin finish. The base coat will be applied on one day followed by the faux glaze once it is completely dry. 

So what is the cost? It depends on the factors above. Yet, lets give you a quick idea for budeting purposes if you were to select our company. Lets just say it is a 12 x 10 bedroom and you don't need to paint the trim or ceiling. The faux paining (1 color glaze) will cost approximately $600-700. This all depends on how much furniture there is and the amount of openings we have to mask. If we have to paint the walls with a base coat first, you'd likely add another $400 for two coats. So a good faith estimate for a bedroom would be $1000-1100. This is a cost effective way to really dress up a nursery or guest suite.

If you have a faux painting project in mind that you'd like to discuss, please call or email us anytime: 858-454-3850.  

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