Interior Painting: Color Trends for 2021!

If there’s one thing that we’ve all been gifted with over the last year, it is the gift of time… at home… staring at all of its imperfections. We get it. That’s why we are here to inspire you as we forge ahead in 2021.

Keepin’ It Neutral With a Pop Of Color

Gone are the days of neutral colors only being for rental homes. It is now quite popular to choose a shade of white, beige, or gray as the foundational color of a room. But don’t worry, we won’t stop there. We’ve seen huge trends of choosing a color that will sharpen your room with accents either by a wall, wainscoting, a door, furniture, or decoration. This pop of color speaks volumes into the type of home that you want. So let’s check some of them out!

Earthy Reds of Strength

Using earthy red tones to accent your room can be the perfect way to express security and confidence to anyone who enters. Don’t feel like you have to stop there though; this is a great color to also include decorations of brass and wood. By choosing this red, you are showing just a taste of your inner confidence.

The Comforts of Blues

This past year has shown us that we need to have a personal space that brings comfort, even in the most challenging of times. Shades of blue can represent an atmosphere of peace no matter the circumstance. From aqua blues to strong dark blues, the sky is certainly the limit to calming your room with this accent color.

Nature In Greens

If you’ve been feeling a little shut-in these days, adding green into your room is a great way to brighten your life with nature. Green often represents refreshing and inspiration, not to mention, it can be helpful in resetting any mood you might find yourself in.

The Boldness of Urbane Bronze

If you’re looking for a big change, consider using Sherwin William’s Urbane Bronze. Let your room do all the talking with this unique combination of gray and bronze. Pair the room with gold decorations and you will find that your room will be a sanctuary of peace, strength, and boldness no matter what is going on outside your doors.

So what’s your favorite? Or do you have other ideas? Contact us today to get started on your home!

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