Is Being a "Professional" Important?

You have probably heard the word "professional" used in most business marketing material or perhaps you have used the word yourself. Typically a company will say that they provide "professional service," have a "professional staff of people," or "We are very professional." We are pleased when our customers write on our job report card that, "...the professionalism of the painters was superb."

Professional can mean a few different things, but for business purposes, it basically means that a person has a profession and is an expert. A professional athlete is an expert while a high school athlete is working towards becoming a professional. When we say that an individual was very professional, we are really just saying that he did his job well and knows what he is doing. To be unprofessional means that a person is not highly skilled in a particular profession, is more inclined towards making mistakes, and does not necessarily have the highest ethical standards.

When you hire a painting company, is it important that the company is professional? A professional painting company will do the job right, and if there is a problem, it will be fixed. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of painters or home service companies that provide very professional service, and frankly, it does cost quite a bit more to hire a professional painting company.

Chism Brothers Painting has been in the painting industry for many years and has seen the problems incurred by homeowners hiring unprofessional contractors. Here are a few things we do that set us apart from unprofessional outfits. We do:

  • Have a California Contractors License; we are insured and Bonded
  • Answer the phones and schedule appointments in a timely manner
  • Keep our appointments
  • Have a "professional" estimator to give accurate estimates and proposals
  • Have a production manager to schedule your project and make sure it is done on time as promised
  • Provide "professional" color consultation
  • Start your project and stay on it until it is done
  • Provide a project foreman to complete your project with his skilled painters
  • Protect furniture and cover areas not to be painted
  • Carefully prepare the surfaces before applying paint or primers
  • Keep the work areas organized and clean
  • Label paint cans and provide a Color Schedule of what we used and where colors were applied.
  • NOT play loud music, curse, or smoke
  • Communicate to you in English
  • Have some of the best painters in San Diego that are very skilled and enjoy their work
  • Have a written test, thorough interview process, character evaluation and drug test before we consider hiring anyone
  • Provide a guarantee all of our work
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