Is it worth buying the most expensive paint?

 Is it worth buying the most expensive paint?

Everybody looks for the best ways to be financially efficient. In painting and remodeling, there are many different options that help cut back on expenses. When it comes to choosing paint, it is important to look at the long-term aspects. Although it may seem practical to buy a cheaper paint, careful analysis has shown otherwise. Despite the steep initial cost, it is actually less expensive to use the best quality paint.

According to field tests done at the Paint Quality Institute: “... while ordinary exterior paint lasts about four years, top quality 100% acrylic latex paint can last 10 years or more when applied to a properly prepared surface, resulting in a lower cost per year of service.”

These exact figures aren't universal, but in San Diego the lifespan of quality paint compared to cheap paint is still about twice as long.

When you add the cost of labor and supplies to a paint project, the actual paint doesn’t greatly affect the overall cost, but paying a little more for a top quality paint will significantly extend the life of the new exterior paint job.

To put this all into perspective:
Consider the fact that the labor component adds most directly to the cost of a paint project.
If the labor for your project costs $9,000 and the cheaper paint costs $25 a gallon, for 30 gallons the paint cost would be $750, totalling $9,750 for the project. However if the paint lifespan is only 3 years, the repeat project three years later would be approximately an additional $9,750. Therefore, the cost for about six years would be $19,500. Now assume you do the same project with high-end quality paint at $50 a gallon, that would increase the overall project cost to $10,500. Since this job is likely to last twice as long as the cheap paint, you won’t have to repaint twice in six years and the cost would still just be $10,500, therefore you would be saving yourself $9,000 for those 6 or more years.

There are a couple of variables in this example, as in the magnitude of your project, or which contractor you choose to work with. In varying climates, such as coastal areas of San Diego, painting may have to be done more frequently since surfaces are more directly exposed to moisture and salt. But regardless of your location, using quality paint will still increase the lifespan of the paint-job and be well worth the cost. Essentially the higher-quality paint you use, the longer the life of your paint job, and the more money you save in the long run.

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