Keeping Your Pets Safe While Interior Painting in San Diego

 Keeping Your Pets Safe While Interior Painting in San Diego

If you’re like us, pets feel like extended family members. How could they not?

Because of this, we know just how important it is to keep your little (or not so little) buddies healthy and happy during your home painting project.

So, what can you do, and what do you need to know?

3 Questions to Ask Before Painting with Pets

#1 How many rooms are you painting?

If you’re just updating a room or two, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep your pets out of the way temporarily. We recommend moving their food, water, and favorite toys into a space totally separate from where you’re working. It’s just not worth the risk, or potential mess, of your furry buddy finding a paint tray while you’ve got your back turned.

#2 Can a friend or family member watch your pets?

If you’re finishing a widespread project or containing your pets isn’t a possibility for one reason or another, we suggest making your life a lot easier by asking a friend or family member to take them in. Buy them a pizza or something as a thank-you (your friend, not the pets).

#3 What kind of paint are you using?

Paint has come a long, long way... Environmentally-friendly options that emit little to no volatile organic compounds while drying are the way to go. Even if you don’t have pets, this is a great choice for your own health.

Make sure you’ve researched your product before rolling it into place. Or, if you’re hiring a professional painter, ask them what kind of paint they’re using and express any concern you have about your pet’s health.

Don’t Forget...

Dogs especially have a sense of smell that is infinitely stronger than yours, regardless of its breed. Because of your pet’s heightened senses, it’s important to be extra aware of their potential discomfort.

Just like humans, every animal is a little different too. If you do close them in a room nearby while painting, we suggest still monitoring them closely during the project and after you’ve reintroduced them to the space, just to be certain there is no adverse reaction.

For more information about environmentally-friendly, non-toxic interior paint options, take a look here. And, if you have any other questions about your San Diego painting project, please feel free to contact us at Chism Brothers Painting. We’re here to help!

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