Kitchen Cabinet Painting - A Closer Look At An Awesome Transformation!

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If you know the Chism Bros. team, you know that we are all about careful craftsmanship and enduring transformations.

This passion makes nearly every project we take on enjoyable, large or small, from repairing/replacing exterior wood rot to adding dynamic interior color to a family room. But, one of our favorite types of projects (if we had to choose) is kitchen cabinet painting.

With kitchens enjoying a more centralized, valued position than perhaps ever before, homeowners here in the San Diego area are looking for colors and styles that set the tone for their home. And, real estate experts have told us again and again that the right colors and investment in a kitchen can yield some of the strongest returns on investment of ANY home improvement project.

So, with that said, let’s take a closer look at this recent transformation.

Cabinet Painting Starts with Containment

If you check out the photos above, you’ll notice that one of the photos shows floor-to-ceiling plastic. It’s not the world’s most exciting image (it’ll never go viral on Pinterest), but it does depict a crucial step in the process.

Cabinet painting may be far less invasive, messy, time-consuming, and expensive than a total remodel, but the work still does need to be contained. We take care to protect your home and peace of mind, and this includes encapsulating spaces that will experience sanding, spraying, etc...

Prep Is Key To an Enduring Cabinet Transformation

One major concern that many homeowners have is that painted cabinets won’t stand up to their busy lifestyle. The finish may look good, but will it last (and is it practical)?

The short answer is: it depends.

If you hire a painting contractor who can do it “on the cheap” because of cut corners and low-quality products, the durability just won’t be what you need it to be.

If the time is taken to carefully prepare the surface, however, your cabinet painting process will be neater, more efficient, more attractive, and extremely durable/functional. The initial investment in craftsmanship is ALWAYS worthwhile, and will pay you back down the road in long-term value.

Refreshed, Updated Kitchen Style

The bright, white cabinets let every other detail in the kitchen stand out, from the attractive countertops to the appliances to the flooring. There’s a reason why white is so popular!

We also love the subtle accent color used on the island. This is a very stylish look, providing a break from the white, a little extra color, and a gentle contrast. Green works beautifully in this case, don’t you think?

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