Monthly Safety Meeting: Driving Safely

Driving Safely (September 2006 Safety Meeting)Once a month, Chism Brothers Painting has a Safety Meeting that is required for all employees to attend. Sometimes we cover such basic topics as, "How to climb a ladder." Nonetheless, we have found that by having regular safety meetings, our people are more alert on and off the job. Safety on the job means lower workman's compensation rates for us, which means we can provide our services at a lower cost to you. If you are planning to paint your home, ask the contractor if they have a regular safety meeting. This month's safety meeting was on driving safely. Here is what we covered: Driving Safely (in a trance) Have you ever driven several blocks and then all of a sudden sort of woke up in a realized that you had driven the distance automatically? You had apparently stopped at the right places, moved at the right times and done all the other things correctly because you are in one piece and still moving along. But you don't remember each specific act. Your mind was wandering. You were thinking about your work or the next assignment. Perhaps you were pondering your problems, or maybe you were just plain daydreaming about a vacation. Maybe you were just bored with the "driving bit" and not concentrating for a few moments to think about other things. Often the comfort of the modern vehicle can transport theChism Brothers Van driver into a sense of false security, relaxation and unawareness. It is a frightening experience to suddenly find you've driven several moments without actually being aware of what you were doing. Driving is sometimes an automatic action like walking. You walk along without thinking about each step you take. Often while walking in such a daze, a person trips or bumps into something or someone. Even just walking can be serious enough. Usually it's simply embarrassing. Errors made while driving in such a trance can be devastating, if not fatal. You can keep your mind from wandering at the wheel by playing little games while you drive along. Count traffic lights or signs. That way you will also keep track of traffic around you. Leave the daydreaming to the walk in the park or in the woods. Chances of a serious injury are much less that way. (Taken from the PDCA Weekly Tool Box Topics) We also discussed the guidelines for safe driving while talking on the phone using the following information: Do's and Don'ts
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