Morton’s & Outback Steakhouse

My wife and I were recently invited by one of my long-time customers, Mrs. K in La Jolla, to join her for a steak dinner at Morton's in downtown San Diego. It was such a treat for us, and I must say, I loved the whole experience. Being in the service business, I was eager to see how a professional company like Morton's would treat their clients. Mrs. K is well traveled and has had wonderful experiences when she has been to other Morton Steakhouses around the country. This company has a great business model of excellent customer service and a quality product.

During my time at Mortons, I began to contrast this place with another popular steakhouse, Outback. While both companies excel at their mission and serve great steaks, they are very different when it comes to the experience, which reflects the total cost.

Below you will find the typical cost and mission statement of each restaurant that you may find interesting:

  • Morton's Pricing: The typical cost for a dinner for two would be $170 (not including tax/tip or specialty drinks). (View Source)
  • Outback's Pricing: The typical cost for a dinner for two would be $60.00 (with same exceptions as above). (Based on my personal experience)
  • Morton's Mission: "Morton's steakhouses have remained true to our founders' original vision of combining generous portions of high quality food prepared to exacting standards with exceptional service in an enjoyable dining environment." (View Source)
  • Outback's Mission: "The Company’s strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback." (View Source)

As you can see from the above pricing and goals of each restaurant, there is a BIG difference between two steakhouse companies. Each restaurant has good food. The difference is how they deliver their product and service. While Morton's offers the Nordstrom's in the steak business, Outback is seeking to provide more of a fun and affordable dining experience in a casual setting. You can taste and feel the difference between the two restaurants too. The level of attention you get at Morton's steakhouse is five times higher than Outback.

The botton line is that both restaurants are unique and have their place. I have enjoyed my dining experience at both restaurants. I realized that if two steakhouses can stay in business and separate themselves from each other, a painting company can too! People have to discover what is important for them in selecting who they will hire to work on their home. Chism Brothers is more in line with the Morton's model of doing business. The one difference is that Chism does NOT charge 3-4 times the cost of most other quality paint companies. Our average hourly wage is currently around $60 per hour. It is a little more than most companies, but most people will discover that the cost is well worth it.

Our mission is to provide a one of a kind experience, simply by doing the right thing!

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