Office Painting in San Diego: Are You Picking the Right Colors?

 Office Painting in San Diego: Are You Picking the Right Colors?

During this time of year we tend to talk a LOT about fresh paint colors in your home, and how those colors can enhance your space in really powerful ways. Bright front doors, gleaming kitchen cabinets, living rooms refreshed after the hustle and bustle of the holidays…

But what about your San Diego office space, lobby, or business? Most property owners and managers go the simplest route, sticking with easy neutrals that are quick to touch up and require minimal planning. We get that. We really do.

But are you missing out on a key opportunity?

How to choose the right color for your commercial office space

Color psychology isn’t just an abstract concept used by interior designers or colorists. It’s a powerful scientific fact: colors impact our brain in different ways, eliciting all kinds of responses. You can harness and leverage those colors in your workplace, making it a better environment for your team while curating a specific mood.

We could write a book on this, in all honesty, but we’re guessing you don’t have that kind of time. To speed things up, here are just a few broad strokes to keep in mind.

Blue paint and productivity

This is the perfect color for calm and focus, ideal for places that require concentration and the ability to stay on task for long periods of time. Just remember that blue is a colder color, so be sure to compensate with plenty of light (and choose a lighter shade so your office doesn’t feel dark).

Red paint and energy

Believe it or not, studies have shown that red paint can actually increase your heart rate (it also promotes appetite which is why a lot of restaurants like to include it in their palette). Red is ideal for energetic office spaces where people are moving, active, and need to be on alert. Too much is NOT a good thing though, so maybe limit it to strategic accent walls.

Green paint promotes calm and relaxation

Maybe because it has such a natural vibe? Regardless, green is quietly engaging and stimulating, but promotes focus, relaxation, and a sense of calm. Great for spaces where people are putting in long hours and maybe drinking a little too much coffee.

Orange paint boosts creativity

There’s no way around it: it’s a fun color! And similar to red, it exudes energy but in a less potent way. Use it sparingly, and focus on spaces where you want to add some life and vitality. Great for rooms where people are working on creative projects.

Black paint is a powerful choice

Literally. Black is edgy and modern, but it also has real undertones of power. It can be stunning with the right accent colors and decorations, but use it sparingly! You also might want to try a wallpaper with black in it if you really like the color but want more character and texture.

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