Paint Cure Issues in La Jolla

Chism Brothers Painting seeks to gain and hold the trust of its customers and guarantees the quality of the completed work. And while most jobs are completed without incident, occasionally a paint product will not “cure” properly and the professionals at Chism brothers promise quick response and repair should this happen.

Recently, a kitchen makeover was completed by Chism Brothers, after which a private faux painter was hired to apply an accent color faux finish to the recessed molding on the cabinets. As the faux painting specialist was close to finishing, the customer noticed that the paint was peeling in certain areas. Chism Brothers responded quickly by sending a representative to assess the situation. Unfortunately, a tape with a moderately strong adhesive had been used and had pulled off some of the existing coating. Only a small portion of the drawers, doors and panels had minor damage. The experts at Chism Brothers removed the damaged pieces and completely repainted the cabinets, free of charge.

In a similar bathroom makeover, a gloss paint was used on the cabinetry. Once the painting was complete, a paperhanger was hired to hang wallpaper. During the course of the job, the cabinets were scraped and some paint chipped. Again, Chism Brothers sent a representative, who determined that the paint had not completed the curing process. The resin based product, which had a large amount of colorant mixed in, required a longer curing time than had been given. The cabinetry was removed, stripped and then repainted. Chism Brothers also contacted the paint vendor to let them know the problem they had with the cabinet finish.

While the above situations are rare, the professionals at Chism Brothers stand behind their work and will promptly respond should there be problems with a paint finish. Consider the Chism experience like shopping at Nordstrom. The Chism Brothers want you to always have a pleasant experience.

Once a job is complete, it is important to ask the painter several questions:

  • Is there anything special about the paint or cure time that I (the customer) need to know?
  • If I am having additional work done (wallpaper, faux or mural finishes), what adhesive products are acceptable to use when taping the freshly painted surfaces and how long should I wait before beginning those projects?
  • How should I properly care for my newly painted walls and cabinets? Are there cleaning products that will harm my walls?

Even with the most careful painters and cautious homeowners, sometimes paint will chip or a newly painted wall surface will not cure properly. In these cases, Chism Brothers is happy to quickly respond to its costumers and do what is necessary to rectify the situation.

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