Painting to Preserve Your San Diego Home

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Painting to Preserve Your San Diego Home

It’s something we tend to put off.  Painting the house seems so daunting; there’s so much to do before you can even begin to paint!  But sometimes you just need to tweak your perspective a bit.  Consider that painting is one of the best ways to preserve your San Diego home.  And that saves both money and time in the long run.

Salty Air & Paint Don’t Mix

Both the California sun and the salty Pacific air here in San Diego can wreak havoc on our homes’ exteriors.  It’s simply a fact of life here along the California coast.  Chalk it up to, “if you’re lucky enough to live by the beach” and just factor maintenance into your overall game plan for home ownership.

The combination of salt, wind, water and sun gradually deteriorates even the hardiest of paint finishes.  Regular maintenance such as touch-up work and power-washing can extend the life of your exterior paint, but it will eventually need to be repainted.

Professional Painters Have an Edge

Choosing a professional painter to help preserve your home is a wise choice.  Local craftsman are familiar with the environmental concerns, and they have a wide range of experience with a variety of products.  They’ll be able to offer suggestions regarding which products would best suit your individual project.

In terms of preparation before painting, skilled craftspeople have the tools to make the job go easier and faster, forgoing countless trips to big box stores for just one more thing.

Proactive Preservation = Less Replacement

It’s a simple fact:  preservation saves money.  Investing time and materials in your home upfront makes for far less replacement and renovation costs.  Painted surfaces that are maintained in top condition are not as easily susceptible to damage from the elements and/or insects.  Keeping your house in model-home condition begins with finding a local, experienced contractor.  Take a look at their work.  Check their references and get in touch for an inspection and estimate.  Starting a good working relationship with someone you can trust with your home is the best way to preserve your family’s investment.  And saving money in the long run is just the icing on the cake.

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