Painting Your Ceiling Something Other Than White

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When contemplating a room makeover, the wall and trim color receive our top priority, but the ceiling color barely receives a second glance. Often the color choice for the ceiling is a dull white. But consider a more dramatic effect. This other paintable surface, the ceiling, could also be used to provide a beautiful effect in your room.

White walls are a thing of the past as homeowners have become bold in their use of color to enhance a room. And the next step is to consider how to use the ceiling color to further complement the wall colors. In a large room with high ceilings, a darker, complementary color choice next to a lighter wall color creates a more personal living space and allows for a cozier feel to a room.  One nice option is to paint the walls in a calming ivory or taupe color and to accent by painting the ceiling in a rich cocoa or chocolate brown.

Or perhaps a room is small with a lower ceiling. A lighter ceiling color or a slight color contrast between walls and ceiling creates a nice effect in the room.  With such a contrast, your eyes will move upward slightly, giving equal attention to the walls and the ceiling.  This contrast also gives the illusion of a higher ceiling.

One additional option is having your paint professional use glazes on the ceiling.  A metallic or pearlescent effect can also provide that eye-catching result that will shift your gaze from the walls upward. 

Contemplate the possibilities!  There is now a fifth surface in your room calling for equal attention.  Create illusions and accent all available surfaces with a color contrast to complete your room makeover.  Chism Brothers Painting has partnered with a number of excellent local San Diego Designers, so we'll make sure the perfect color is selected. Ceilings are the new accent wall, so look up!

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