Refinishing and Painting a Weathered Front Door in San Diego

 Refinishing and Painting a Weathered Front Door in San Diego
 Refinishing and Painting a Weathered Front Door in San Diego
 Refinishing and Painting a Weathered Front Door in San Diego
 Refinishing and Painting a Weathered Front Door in San Diego

When you think about your home’s exterior aesthetic, it’s easy to focus on the body color, shutters, trim, landscaping, etc. And, these are all important aspects to consider.

One of the more understated MVPs of your home’s curb appeal, however, is your front door. It’s a point of entry for sure, but also a place to exhibit a little extra style, a warm welcome, and personality too. Many folks are choosing to paint their doors with vibrant, stand-out colors, and others are investing in restored, refreshed style and quality.

As beautiful as bold colors can be, it’s just really hard to deny the timeless beauty of classic wood. To see what we mean, join us for a closer look at this door refinishing project one of our craftsman just completed.

The Process of Stripping, Refinishing, and Painting a Door

Before we dig into the steps that were taken to make the above transformation a reality, we should point out another huge benefit of this kind of home refinishing and maintenance project. Beyond adding style alone, paint and stain also protects the surface from premature decay, both from the environment and pests (like termites). It’s much easier and more cost-effective to keep up on ongoing maintenance projects like this than it is to pay for more invasive repairs and replacement down the road.

In short, your exterior paint and stain is crucial!

Now, back to those steps:

  • First, we used Jasco stripper to remove all of the existing finish
  • We then sanded, prepping the surface for the finish to come
  • After sanding we applied three coats of Sikkens’ door and window stain, allowing an overnight drying time between each coat. The beauty of this particular product is that the standard color options can be mixed and matched to achieve just the right color. This kind of custom mixing opens the door to nearly unlimited style potential.

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