Repairing and Refinishing a Threshold with Dry Rot in La Jolla

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A successful house painting project, interior or exterior, calls for two things: an attention to detail, and a dedication to doing the job right.

Little details that are often easy to miss come together to elevate your work from good to great, and the finished product from satisfactory to beautiful. And, doing the job the right way ensures that it will last, offering just as much value as possible.

In this case, one of our craftsmen, Victor, repaired and refinished a portion of a client’s home that might be easy to overlook. Now that it’s complete, with the before and after right in front of us, the improvement becomes drastic.

How Do You Repair Wood Rot in a Threshold?

A threshold is an extremely high-traffic space for obvious reasons. When you combine this kind of wear and tear with a wood rot problem, well, it demands attention.

Rot calls for swift repairs, otherwise the wood-munching fungus only continues to grow, ultimately breaking down the fibers and compromising the structure as a whole.

Here’s a closer look at Victor’s process:

  • As you can see in the first pictures, there was fairly substantial damage. Victor removed the damaged/impacted section, replacing it with new wood.
  • The surface was filled out with epoxy.
  • Next, Victor primed the wood.
  • He then glazed it to match the original oak, ensuring that the repair was both solid and seamless.

Be sure to click through the slideshow above to see the process, step by step.

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