San Diego Nursery Painting Ideas

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Does the idea of painting your home with chemical-rich paint concern you? Almost everyone avoids oil-based paints these days because of the potentially toxic characteristics of the paint. Although, not many people realize that even most of the popular water-based paints are not much less harmful. Roughly 80% of paints sold in the residential market are water-based.

After the application of water-based paint, the water evaporates and releases the same Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that oil-based paint does. Latex (water-based) paint has fewer VOC’s than solvent-based paint, but it still has harmful VOC’s that are emitted even years after drying.

If you are about to paint a room, especially a room that will be inhabited by young children, you can easily make it toxic-free and child-safe by using Zero-VOC paint. Benjamin Moore has a great line of Zero-VOC paint: Natura®. It’s odorless and eco-friendly.

A classic and inexpensive nursery idea is to use a light shade of Zero-VOC paint and use creative stencils or decals to make the room unique for your child.

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