Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

 Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

When selling your house, one of the big decisions is whether or not to paint. It may seem like a big investment to paint before you sell, but in actuality: painting before selling is relatively inexpensive when you consider the higher price it will sell for. It will also likely lead to a quicker sale when your property is one of the nicer looking available homes in the buyer's price range.

House Interior

Karen Dembsky, president of Peachtree Home Staging LLC said: "A seller should always make sure that their paint has a fresh appeal, no dings, no marks. If there are any, it should be repainted or touched up because it gives the feeling of a well-maintained home. The color has to be livable and appealing, you want a color where the buyer will come in and say that it's not their first choice but they can live with it.”

Making sure your home is well-painted before selling is worth the cost. Depending on the paint job and your local real estate market, you can expect a 50% to 500% return on your investment. It will greatly impress potential buyers if your house has a professional finish with sharp cut lines along ceilings and trim.

A neutral color – beige, cream, ivory or standard off-white will allow your buyers to picture your house with their color schemes. The lighter color also adds brightness to the rooms and makes them appear more spacious.

House Exterior

When you look at your house from across the street, does it look tired and faded? If so, a paint job may be in order. It considerably spruces up the appearance of a house to have a fresh exterior, adding dollars to offers from potential home-buyers. Just make sure you choose a color that fits well in your neighborhood.

The entrance of your home creates the first impression to buyers. You want to hit them hard, right at first, with the "curb appeal". Remember you don't get a second chance at first impression. A nicely colored doorway draws your eye right to the door leading people into the house.

All of these things considered: it is advisable to hire a professional who can produce the type of paint job that will really impress home buyers and allow you to receive the best selling price. Painting your house before selling is a wise investment since oftentimes painting produces a higher return on investment than most other forms of home improvements.

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