Should You Paint Or Stain Your Door in San Diego?

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Tough choices… 

On the one hand, who doesn’t love a fresh coat of paint? The style options, sheen, color choices… There are so many fun possibilities, and plenty of inspiring resources to get your creative juices flowing. 

But on the other hand, can you really beat the warmth, charm, and character of naturally finished wood? That depth and tone, plus the curls of wood grain? 

The considerations here might start with your aesthetic preference, but there’s more to weigh. 

Why Paint a Door?

Let’s get really practical. Believe it or not, painting is cheaper than staining. There’s still a lot involved in a paint job done right, but it’s not as labor intensive or time consuming. Rushing through the staining process causes a whole host of problems and compromises the finish quality and durability. You HAVE to invest serious time in sanding through multiple steps, followed by numerous thin topcoats as well.  

Paint also lasts longer. Sure, stain seems to be super durable, but that’s really only because people feel more comfortable letting it fully wear out and fade before addressing any issues, or even letting rot set in (for exterior woodwork). That makes refinishing MUCH more difficult. 

Stain should be cared for and maintained regularly to keep its charm and integrity. 

Why Finish a Door? 

painting or staining doors in San Diego

There’s no real practical benefit that elevates stain over paint. It’s a choice that is grounded more in personal preference, and hinges on your willingness to devote time and resources to caring for a beautiful, natural finish. You can’t beat the look, and it certainly never goes out of style.

Pro Tip!

Find a local painting company with a proven track record of successful staining projects. As we mentioned above, it has to be done right, with no cut corners. Talk to them too about maintenance. They may be willing to set up an easy, convenient schedule for annual touchips and care, just to keep your surfaces looking their best and well-protected. 

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