Tag: Color Consultation

  • Tips For Matching Your Current Interior Paint Perfectly

    The dilemma occurs in all kinds of homes. Maybe yours is an old home, with a classic color scheme that you prefer to extend into other areas of the house. Maybe you’ve owned your home for a while, and you’re thinking of building an addition or...

  • Create A New Kitchen with Restored Cabinetry, Craftsman-Style

    From time to time, most of us dream of having a new kitchen.  Most times, it’s just a daydream as the expensive reality of funding a new kitchen settles in.  But, what if you could have that new kitchen feeling by having the cabinetry restored? ...

  • Interior Painting: Color Trends for 2021!

    If there’s one thing that we’ve all been gifted with over the last year, it is the gift of time… at home… staring at all of its imperfections. We get it. That’s why we are here to inspire you as we forge...

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