Tag: San Diego Historic Surface Restoration

  • Painting to Preserve Your San Diego Home

    It’s something we tend to put off.  Painting the house seems so daunting; there’s so much to do before you can even begin to paint!  But sometimes you just need to tweak your perspective a bit.  Consider thatWhy Choose Historic Surface Restoration?

    Your beautiful, classic California home is looking a little faded.  Underneath, you can still see the grand lady, but the edges are worn and the paint is beginning to peel away.  Before you hire a painter, read on to find out why historic surface restoration can make good...

  • Create A New Kitchen with Restored Cabinetry, Craftsman-Style

    From time to time, most of us dream of having a new kitchen.  Most times, it’s just a daydream as the expensive reality of funding a new kitchen settles in.  But, what if you could have that new kitchen feeling by having the cabinetry restored? ...

  • Hey San Diego, Need a Painter for a Day? Call Chism Brothers

    So, you’ve got a painting project.  It’s not huge, but it needs to be done right.  You could spend hours sifting through YouTube videos to do it yourself.  And then you could go to the home improvement store and search for the proper...

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