Using The Color Brown For Your Home Decor

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Brown has become a popular paint color for bedrooms, bathrooms and family rooms. “Chocolate” brown, when used with various pinks, blues or greens, creates a warmth and sophistication in any room. Homeowners are sometimes afraid of this dark color, thinking that the room will look dreary, but the right shade of brown with an aqua blue or light pink can be quite dramatic. A color coordinator will make recommendations or you can paint sample boards with the desired colors and place them in different parts of the room in order to see the color effect. Chism Brothers paint specialists can refer clients to a color analyst, who will assist with selecting the right colors for your home.

One hurdle facing the homeowner is how to best complement the brown color. If using a light cinnamon brown in a bathroom, the brown walls could be accented with a blue backsplash, shower stall or accessories. Painting the cabinets brown while using a blue tile backsplash can be quite dramatic as well. In a bedroom, the popular highlighting technique is to use stripes or polka dots in a pink, blue or green hue. Carpet or accessories can also add needed color.

Regardless of which room is receiving the makeover, consider breaking up some of the deep browns by painting the woodwork and trim in a sharp white color. The white will create a striking contrast to the browns and highlighting colors. To add a formal touch to the room, white crown molding against the brown will complete the stylish look.


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