What is a Historical Surface Restoration?

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Any house painting requires attention to detail and surface preparation, but historical surface restoration is a little bit different.  The restoration includes all the preparation included in a traditional painting job, but there are some aspects that make it unique, and there are good reasons to find a professional that specializes in historical surface restoration.  

Period Perfect Restoration

Have you ever seen a beautifully restored automobile that was perfect down to the last detail?  The chrome is polished and heavy.  The interior is stock two-toned leather.  And the car is bright purple...  Something seems not quite right!  In the case of automobiles, this is often a deliberate choice, but when embarking on a historic surface restoration for your home, every detail matters, including color.  If you truly want to feel as though you’ve stepped back in time, you’ll want to work with someone who understands the difference between a classic bungalow and an art deco home, and which color goes on which. When considering a surface restoration for your classic home, do your homework.  Get references and take a drive past completed jobs to see the contractor’s work for yourself.  

Surface Restoration from the Inside Out

There’s a lot of work to complete before a painter ever picks up a brush.  In addition to coordinating with local historical guidelines, the job needs to be evaluated for issues such as lead paint (in residences built prior to 1978), dry rot, insect damage and cracked stucco to name a few.  Lead paint mitigation will involve following a standard protocol by a California licensed and certified professional.  Dry rot, insect damage and stucco restoration will call on a skilled craftsperson to restore your home to its original glory.

Surface restoration applies to surfaces throughout the home including plaster and interior woodwork.  Plaster wall restoration by a skilled professional is worth every penny, ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting finish.  Yes, you need the right tools, but equally important is an experienced craftsperson to ensure a quality result.

Restore to New or Like-New?

That can depend on your budget.  Talk with a professional to get the specifics for your particular job, and learn what options you have.  Be honest about your budget and work with a professional to determine how to plan your project.  Whether you choose a complete restore to new option, or a like-new plan, the end result should be your complete satisfaction with a quality job that doesn’t cut corners.  Want to get a better feel for what your options are?  Call on a reputable professional that’s familiar with your community, and ask for an estimate.  And don’t forget to ask questions.  Skilled craftspeople are always happy to oblige.

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