What Paint Should I Use For My Ceilings?

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One question commonly asked by homeowners is: “What type of paint should I use for my ceiling?”

Ceilings should almost always be painted in a flat, matte acrylic paint. The reason for this is that: 

  • Flat paint will not reflect light or draw attention away from the wall and room furnishings.
  • Ceilings don’t receive much wear and tear, so a glossy, durable paint is not necessary.
  • If you live in an older home, and if there are architectural blemishes in the ceiling, flat paint hides imperfections well.
  • Flat paint also dries more evenly than most other types of paint.

Painters once encouraged using semi-gloss paint for a bathroom or kitchen ceiling (or a room with higher humidity) since semi-gloss paint has higher moisture resistance and sometimes holds up better, however, flat paint today works just as well, and tends to look better.

As far as ceiling color, it is entirely up to you which color you use for your ceilings. Most homeowners prefer using white or ivory paint for their ceilings, but using a color for the ceiling can make a nice statement if done correctly. Read our blog post about creative ceiling techniques for some color ideas.

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