Your Price Is Too High!

 Your Price Is Too High!

A frequently-made statement that salesmen cringe to hear is, "Your price is too high!" It is one I have heard many times in our painting business as well. The funny thing is, I think this phrase is untrue most of the time. Why do consumers assume a price is high? Is it because they have a preconceived idea in their heads of the perfect cost for an item or service? Or do they have extensive knowledge of a certain business or product to know what a good price should be? When I hear a homeowner tell me that my price is too high, I don't flinch or jump into the defense attorney mode anymore. I realize that there are a number of reasons why the cost may not be what they were expecting.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, a woman called for a complete color change involving 12 different colors in her home. She started off sharing with me a lot of (what I would call) valuable information. She told me who she had hired in the past and why she liked them. I began to wonder why she was getting another estimate instead of just using the same contractor again. As I asked a few questions to find out why she had called me, she began to share some of the problems she had had with the former painter. I listened for a little while and then proceeded to tell her I would give her a ballpark of what I thought it would cost. I did not spend a lot of time, because she still seemed sold on her "first" choice. My cost was approximately $10,000 to repaint the entire inside of this home (12 colors). Her eyes got real big as she told me that the bid from the other painter was $3,000 for two coats! I began to do the math in my head (i.e. worker's comp. legal employees, safety training, paint supplies, etc) and realized something was quite wrong with the price difference. To make a long story short, she decided to continue with her previous painting contractor and cross her fingers that the job would turn out better the third time. I say the third time, because the first paint job, the painters oversprayed most of the exterior windows and the second time (interior trim) they got paint on her floors and on or around light switches. If a contractor bids a furnished interior repaint for $3,000, they will not do a quality job. Instead, they have to cut corners and hire cheap laborers or they will force themselves out of business over time.

So when you and I are faced with an estimate for a service on our home or a price tag at a department store that seems higher than we are expecting, try doing a little research before making a decision. If a business has been around a long time with a good reputation and charges the prices they do, there is typically a good explanation for why they charge a certain price. The bottom line is that people buy from people they like and trust. If you like a company and still feel they are high, talk to them. Ask them how you can save money. Personally, I think my company is the best! If you asked me how you could save money, I would be delighted to help. Therefore, I hope to speak with you soon.

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