Preparation Guide

Inte­ri­or Painting

Stan­dard prepa­ra­tion is to be done accord­ing to paint manufacturer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions to the work areas esti­mat­ed which include as appropriate:

  • Thor­ough­ly cov­er and pro­tect work areas and floors
  • Move all non-break­able fur­ni­ture to mid­dle of room
  • Remove and re-install elec­tri­cal switch plates
  • Hard­ware on doors and cab­i­nets removed as appro­pri­ate and rein­stalled after com­ple­tion of work. Hinges not removed unless not­ed in paint­ing proposal.
  • Clean exist­ing paint­ed sur­faces as needed
  • Prime new or raw wood 
  • Dull glossy surfaces
  • Remove loose, chip­ping or peel­ing paint down to a sound sur­face by scrap­ing and sanding
  • Prime/​seal stained areas
  • Fill wall and ceil­ing cracks and sand smooth
  • Note: Exten­sive retex­tur­ing or repair work is over and above stan­dard prepa­ra­tion. This would need to be esti­mat­ed sep­a­rate­ly unless already spec­i­fied in the paint­ing proposal. 
  • Caulk joints and fill holes in wood­work, dry­wall, plas­ter, and trim as needed
  • Keep work areas orga­nized through­out project
  • Clean work area. Prepa­ra­tion process is inher­ent­ly dusty and dirty. Even the best of masking/​covering will not pre­vent all dust from set­tling in the home. Floors will be vac­u­umed and cleaned; counters/​fixtures in the areas where work has been per­formed will be wiped down. 
  • Label paint cans and fill out col­or schedule

Note: Any old paint cans or sol­vents can be removed from your home for $10 per gallon.


Remov­ing Per­son­al Items: As appro­pri­ate, the own­er should remove and replace con­tents of shelves, cab­i­nets, clos­ets, small or break­able items, del­i­cate wall hang­ings, win­dow cov­er­ings, pianos, elec­tron­ic and video equip­ment, etc. unless oth­er­wise spec­i­fied. Please see our Cus­tomer to do List” for addi­tion­al prepa­ra­tion measures.

Exte­ri­or Painting

Stan­dard prepa­ra­tion is to be done accord­ing to paint manufacturer’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions to the work areas esti­mat­ed which include as appropriate:


Remove loose, chip­ping or peel­ing paint down to a sound sur­face by scrap­ing and sand­ing. Fill areas as need­ed with appro­pri­ate fillers.
Note: The work we are propos­ing is repaint­ing, not restora­tion. There­fore, the sur­face will be tight, (no loose/​flaking pant), clean, free of con­t­a­m­i­nants, filled, sand­ed and primed as need­ed. How­ev­er, it will not nec­es­sar­i­ly look like new.


Fill cracks that are larg­er than hair­lines, the width of a cred­it card. Remove dam­aged stuc­co down to sound sur­face and prime. Patch dam­aged stuc­co. Work the patch­es to approx­i­mate the sur­round­ing tex­ture as close as pos­si­ble. Spot prime raw/​patched stucco.


Sand and clean rust­ed met­al. Prime bare or rust­ed met­al with appro­pri­ate primers.
Note: War­ran­ty does not cov­er met­al surfaces.

Mask and Cover

Mask­ing paper, visqueen and drop cloths will be used to pro­tect win­dows, doors, side­walks, land­scape, fur­ni­ture, fix­tures and oth­er nec­es­sary areas as appro­pri­ate from over-spray and drips.

At end of project, prop­er­ty will be cleaned up properly.


We will need occa­sion­al access to house in order to obtain elec­tric pow­er and to open and close doors and windows.
The Con­trac­tor will need to use a por­tion of the yard, garage, patio etc. for stor­age of mate­ri­als and equipment.
Own­er is to have foliage pruned to allow access to all sur­faces being finished.
Please see our Cus­tomer to do List” for addi­tion­al prepa­ra­tion measures. 

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Preparation Guide

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Preparation Guide

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Preparation Guide

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