Cabinet Painting in San Diego

Love the idea of updating your kitchen cabinets, but hate the idea of a long, messy, expensive remodel? Or maybe you have pretty nice cabinets already, and tearing them out and replacing them with something new would be a waste.

In other words, you just want a new look, not a new kitchen.

That’s where cabinet painting really shines. But before we dig into how it works, ask yourself the three questions below to see if you’re on the right track.

Should you paint your cab­i­nets? Ask your­self these questions:

  1. Does your kitchen’s over­all size and lay­out meet your needs?

  2. Are your cab­i­nets good qual­i­ty, and in decent condition?

  3. Are your cab­i­nets worth invest­ing in?

Did you answer yes”? Then let’s keep going

A lot of paint­ing com­pa­nies paint kitchen cab­i­nets, espe­cial­ly since they’re so trendy right now. What you need to be aware of, how­ev­er, is the fact that not many paint­ing con­trac­tors know how to paint cab­i­nets the right way. Paint­ing is cheap­er than a remod­el, but it’s still an invest­ment, and you want to be sure your fin­ish looks incred­i­ble and lasts. 

In fact, we’ve encoun­tered sce­nar­ios where clients have had their cab­i­nets paint­ed poor­ly, and then want us to fix it. We’ll share a sam­ple door for them to look at, and they say, THAT’S what we wanted!” 

Doing it right the first time is the best, most cost-effec­tive way to go

How do you paint kitchen cabinets? 

Step 1.

We start with an in-per­son esti­mate. There’s just no good way to ball­park it when every kitchen is so unique. We take mea­sure­ments, lis­ten to your ideas and goals, col­lect the data we need, review the con­di­tion of your cab­i­nets, fac­tor in exist­ing fin­ish­es, etc. 

Step 2.

You’ll get a clear, com­pre­hen­sive pro­pos­al. Don’t wor­ry: we’ll out­line every step and stage with­out any fuzzy details or hid­den surprises. 

Step 3.

One we’re offi­cial­ly under­way, we’ll metic­u­lous­ly pre­pare and con­tain your kitchen. Cov­er floors, cov­er coun­ters, mask sur­faces, etc. 

Step 4.

Cab­i­net doors and draw­er faces are care­ful­ly removed and orga­nized. It’s a labor-inten­sive process, but we do the prep right: clean­ing, degreas­ing, sand­ing, repairs, prim­ing, and top­coats. Every detail matters.

Step 5.

Once the paint­ing is com­plete, we care­ful­ly rein­stall the doors and draw­er faces. We’ll also make any need­ed touch-ups before a final walk-through with you. 

Got cab­i­net paint­ing ques­tions? We’ve got answers

 Cabinet Painting in San Diego

Here are some of the top ques­tions we hear. If yours isn’t on the list, con­tact us! We’re here to help, and are total­ly trans­par­ent about our approach, pric­ing, and process.

How much does cab­i­net paint­ing cost in San Diego?

It depends on a LOT of fac­tors, rang­ing from the size of your kitchen to the paint­ing tech­nique itself. The aver­age cost for a high­er-end cab­i­net paint­ing project is going to be some­where in the $3500 – 6000 range. Inter­est­ed in more details? Take a look at this arti­cle.

How long does it take to paint kitchen cabinets?

Most projects can be done with­in a week. We know how impor­tant it is to get the heart of your home back in action as quick­ly as possible. 

Do you stain kitchen cab­i­nets too, or just repaint?

We stain as well! What­ev­er look you’re going for, we have the team and expe­ri­ence need­ed to make it happen. 

Do you spray or brush kitchen cabinets?

It depends on the fin­ish type and style you pre­fer. In most cas­es, how­ev­er, we use a sprayer to achieve that smooth, fac­to­ry-grade finish. 

Do you repair kitchen cabinets?

We pro­vide light car­pen­try and sur­face repairs, but are not a cab­i­net repair shop. Paint­ing is a sub­stan­tial invest­ment, best suit­ed for cab­i­nets that are already in good con­di­tion overall. 

Are paint­ed kitchen cab­i­nets durable?

This is a very com­mon con­cern. Hon­est­ly, it all comes down to how well your cab­i­nets were paint­ed. Do-it-your­self projects, or work com­plet­ed by inex­pe­ri­enced painters, will nev­er be as durable as pro­fes­sion­al­ly paint­ed cab­i­nets. The right approach and prod­ucts are essen­tial. But if it’s done the right way, dura­bil­i­ty shouldn’t be an issue!

Our pop­u­lar cab­i­net fin­ish­es in San Diego

  • Kitchen cab­i­net painting
  • Kitchen cab­i­net stain­ing and refinishing
  • Strip­ping exist­ing woodwork
  • Stain­ing new or exist­ing surfaces
  • Clear fin­ish Coats
  • Seal­ing and protecting
  • Paint­ing by hand to cre­ate a clas­sic” look
  • Spray­ing of new or exist­ing cabinets
  • Faux fin­ish­ing
  • Antiquing, crack­le and glaz­ing finishes
  • Col­or matching
  • Hard­ware and hinge upgrades

What else can we paint for you?

  • Decks
  • Rail­ings
  • Fenc­ing
  • Per­go­las
  • Stair­cas­es
  • Book­shelves
  • Enter­tain­ment centers
  • Kitchen cab­i­nets
  • Walk-in clos­ets
  • Bath­room vanities
  • Antique fur­ni­ture
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego
 Cabinet Painting in San Diego

Finally! The painting experience you’ve been looking for.

  • Skilled, friendly painters
  • Careful attention to detail
  • No messes to clean up
  • Never get stuck managing your own project
  • Easy communication
  • Beautiful results, on time and as promised
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Cabinet Painting in San Diego

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Cabinet Painting in San Diego

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Cabinet Painting in San Diego

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