8 Tips for Finding a Quality Contractor in San Diego

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8 Tips for Finding a Quality Contractor in San Diego

If you’ve made the decision to repair, repaint, or remodel your San Diego home, you’re now faced with a common, possibly overwhelming question: how do you find a reputable contractor?

After all, we’ve all heard the horror stories...

Never fear. If you follow the right steps, you’ll be surprised by how unintimidating the process really is.

How Can You Find a Great Contractor in San Diego?

  • Trust your gut! Intuition can sometimes be fickle, but most of the time it’s worth listening to. If your prospective pro leaves you feeling anything less than comfortable, it’s time to move on and keep looking.
  • Do you feel valued? Is your contractor punctual and communicative? Or are they always checking messages, running late, or maybe taking other calls? You need to feel like their #1 priority.
  • Are they licensed and insured? If not, run. You could be held liable for any workplace accidents or damage incurred.
  • Don’t settle for a “napkin estimate.” Ballpark figures, rough timelines, and “probably” have no place in the professional home improvement world. Your estimate should be clear, detailed, and include a breakdown of all expenses and processes.
  • Avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Sure, a special offer that’s ending soon may be a reasonable incentive, but in your face, act now, sign on the dotted line tactics should never be tolerated.
  • Are you asked for a large sum of money in advance? While a smaller percentage up front, depending on your project, may be required, it should never exceed 20-30% on average.
  • Ask for referrals and reviews! While your contractor should be able to provide some, you also can take to the internet and search for reviews. Even if you find a negative review or two online, we would encourage you to evaluate how the contractor responded. Were they combative and defensive, or reasonable and clear? This can tell you a lot!

On a final note, it can be helpful to ask a professional you trust from a certain field if there is anyone that they recommend to handle your job. For example, here at Chism Brothers Painting, we have decades of experience working in the San Diego area, and over those years we have crossed paths with countless industry professionals. If our client tells us that they need a service provider, we are happy to offer the name and contact information of someone we know will serve them well (start with this list!).

We’re a resource, not just a painting company.

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