Cabinet Color Trends in 2021

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At last, the time has come. We have finally started 2021 and we can kiss 2020 goodbye forever. Adios. Sayonara. So long and good riddance. We’re all ready to move forward into 2021 with fresh perspectives. 

There are some practical and easy ways that we believe we can help you get those renewed perspectives, beginning from the moment you pour that fresh cup of coffee each morning. Sometimes it is just as simple as a little kitchen makeover, without the chaos of a complete remodel.

Painting Your Cabinets

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the idea of a kitchen remodel. 

Between the cost, the noise, the dust, and not being able to utilize your kitchen for days on end; it’s a lot! Believe it or not, many have found that simply painting their kitchen cabinets has brought a dramatic change to their homes. After confirming that you are satisfied with your current cabinets and kitchen layout, this is a perfect way to add something fresh into your daily life.

Trending Cabinet Colors In 2021

There are a number of trending colors that we have seen entering the popularity contest for kitchen cabinets recently. Gone are the days of dark wood cabinetry that once seemed to line every home. So let’s take a look at a few of the popular colors that we have seen.

The Hues of The Blues

Blue is known to represent peace and calm which is something that we are all more than ready for in this new year. Starting and ending your day in a place of peaceful blues can create the perfect atmosphere for your home and your family.

Bring It Back To Basics: Shades of White

There is just something that seems perfect about white cabinets (whether it is a warmer or cooler shade). It keeps the simplicity in your home and represents a clean and crisp place to cook and eat in. White allows for the minimalist to keep it simple, but is also adaptable to those who want to decorate with a little “more”.

All Natural In Green

Green has often been known as a color that inspires energy and new beginnings. No matter what is going on in your day to day life, muted greens can help boost your energy with what you need to get going. Green will help you to conquer the day even at the first pour of your fresh coffee and it will continue into the evening when your bellies are full from a delicious meal that was cooked in your renewed kitchen. 

The Perfect Mix of Gray and Beige

If you are looking for a color that isn’t as bright as white or as colorful as shades of blue or green, consider painting your cabinets what some would call “greige”. This is the perfect duo of gray and beige together. It pairs well with different styles of decor and kitchen appliances because of its neutral color. This will allow you to change your decor style through the seasons and years.

So what color are you thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets? Is it one of these colors or something that is not in this list? We are ready to help your kitchen get a little makeover simply by painting your cabinets. Give us a call today to get started. 

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