Finding the Perfect Exterior Color to Boost Curb Appeal in Mission Hills

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We’re big believers in trying things out before committing. Whether it’s the Camaro you test drive because you’re “interested,” or the few samples you grab of whatever’s on tap, you want to know what you’re getting! Painting your house is no exception.

When it comes to picking paint, most folks generally know what they want. They’ve shopped around online (or maybe even in stores!), and they’ve seen what their neighbors are up to down the block. They’ve usually settled on a general color family.

One thing’s almost always certain: they’re looking to pick something different from what they currently have.

Now, that’s not a bad thing at all. Different is great, and exploring outside the gray-and-white box of exterior paint often leads to some beautiful color discoveries. With house painting, it pays to be a little bold! At the same time, you want to know what you’re getting before you commit.

Finding the Right Color for Your Home’s Exterior

These homeowners in Mission Hills knew they wanted to do something different, but they weren't quite sure what. They tried a few softer shades in different color families, but nothing was jumping out. So we did what we could to help them make their choice.

When in doubt, try them out!

We applied three different colors to the home before painting. They varied from a sage green, to a sky blue, to a sandy beige. This allowed the residents to see each of their potential choices in action.

Test your colors in the sun and shade.

We made sure the homeowner could see the test patches in both light and dark areas, giving a fuller picture of the end product. You’d be surprised to see the difference that some shadow can make in the overall decision!

Totally Refreshing Exterior House Paint

In the end, these folks decided to break away from the softer style and opt for a rich shade of blue. We also removed their gray shutters and painted them bright white, matching the existing trim and making for a beautiful contrast.

Where before their home was a monotone gray with matching shutters, they now have a brilliant exterior that pops dramatically against their brickwork and shrubbery. Plus, with quality weatherproof paint, their exterior is guaranteed to withstand plenty of direct sunlight without fading or peeling for years to come.

Need Professional Painters to Help With Your Exterior?

Whether you’ve got your colors all picked out, or you don’t know where to begin, you don’t have to worry! Our team is friendly and professional, and we’re happy to offer our expertise by helping you narrow down your options. We’ll do the job right and make it easy for you!

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