Painting Wood Siding in La Mesa, CA

 Painting Wood Siding in La Mesa, CA

What would you expect to happen if you put a wood jewelry box in the oven on low heat? What if you left it in there for months on end? Of course, the coating would fail, and then the wood would dry out and begin to split. Now, how different is that from your wooden siding? OK, so it's not in an oven, but it is exposed to thousands of hours of sunlight and heat, not to mention wind, rain, salty air, and other forces. It's no wonder that wood siding needs regular paint maintenance!

We recently performed significant maintenance and painting on the wood siding of this home in La Mesa. The paint had deteriorated to the point where much of it had to be removed before we could begin applying new paint. In the following photos we will show you the stages of this wood siding replacement project.

The Process of Painting Wood Siding in the San Diego Area

The first step was to scrape and sand away all loose or failing paint. This process requires patience and attention to detail, so that no loose paint is left on the wood. If this happened, it would cause future paint failure. We also need to do it in a way that leaves smooth transitions between bare wood and old paint, otherwise these "borders" would show through the new paint.

The next step in refurbishing the wood siding on this La Mesa home was priming. This ensures that all the wood surfaces are sealed, and that the top coats have a good, solid surface to adhere to. Good priming ensures better evenness in your final color, and it provides a more lasting finish to your exterior paint.

Once the primer is applied, we make the main transformation. We generally use spray-painting equipment to paint wood siding, creating a smooth, even coat of color. Of course, you can see that we have protected all surfaces that should not receive paint.

Finally, we get to the big reveal! Off comes the tape, off comes the plastic, we clean up the painting area, and Voila! The painted wood siding on this La Mesa home has never looked better!

Chism Brothers Painting is proud of our reputation as one of San Diego's best painting contractors. We have long experience in painting home exteriors, including historic homes and buildings. We can restore and/or preserve your wood home with just the right procedures and materials to make sure it continues being a landmark!

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