Picking the Perfect Paint Finish for Kids and Dogs

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Picking the Perfect Paint Finish for Kids and Dogs

It’s time for new paint!  Between kids running their hands down the walls as they head downstairs, and mud puppies that shake and shower the hallway, you’ve got some tough choices to make. Do you want durability, or easy touch-up?  There are pros and cons to each. Let’s take a look.

Higher Sheen Paint:  Scrub It All Down

Higher sheen paint is easier to clean, and you can dispense with quite a few fingerprints and canine drool if you go this route.  Choosing a finish that has a bit more sheen to it can provide greater flexibility when it comes to cleaning up after kids and dogs, but you don’t have to embrace a high-gloss finish for great results.  Benjamin Moore has developed a line of paint designed to resist scuffing in high traffic areas, and offer easy clean up so that your walls keep that freshly-painted look longer.  

Flat Finish Paint:  Easier to Touch Up

If your needs are slightly different and you’d just like to be able to handle problems when they arise, consider a paint that lends itself to easy touch up work and blending.  Traditionally, these choices have a lower sheen, making instant repairs virtually invisible. Flat finish paints are no longer relegated to low-use guest bedrooms. Sherwin Williams offers their Emerald line which combines low-sheen and washability in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

Do You See What I See?

Families with dogs and children might find themselves tempted to automatically choose a higher sheen product, but there are some other factors to consider first.  Higher sheen paints reflect light, and they are prone to highlight any imperfections on your walls.  If you choose a professional painter, they’ll make certain the walls are pristine and carefully watch their brushstrokes to ensure a clean and smooth finish. 

A Little Help, Please?

The easiest way to choose the best paint for your high traffic areas, meaning mud rooms or playrooms or your little one’s bedroom, is to consult with an experienced professional and let them see your space.  They have the skills and experience to offer the best product for your individual project. And a little help beforehand goes a long way at home as you follow those kiddos and pups around.  And as parents, don’t we all want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying these wonder years?

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