Should You Paint Or Stain Your Front Door?

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Should You Paint Or Stain Your Front Door?

Front doors are a big deal. Over the centuries, across cultures, your door color could be used to send messages to travelers, announce social status, or simply offer a welcome. The history is unique and rich!

Today, door colors have more to do with personal taste than anything else, but they’re still a huge opportunity to add unique flavor to your curb appeal. 

But first, you’ve got to ask yourself one major question: should you paint or stain your door? 

Benefits of Painting a Front Door

If you aren’t married to the idea of a natural finish, we recommend paint. It’s beautiful, the color options are endless, and it offers a lot of surface protection and value. If needed, it’s also easy to touch up down the road. 

In very practical terms, painting is also cheaper than staining and typically requires less maintenance and lower costs long-term. Stained doors are stunning, but they definitely require more specialized (and frequent) upkeep. 

Why Is Stain More Expensive???

If you want staining done right, it’s a labor-intensive process. A higher-end finish takes in-depth prep, many steps, and a skilled, experienced hand. You can easily find someone to do it fast and cheap, but you’ll regret the decision when your stain starts to fade and fail after just a few months of outdoor exposure. Remember, stain is about more than style: it’s about protection for the wood as well, which is particularly important for an exterior surface.

Benefits of Staining a Front Door

If cost and maintenance aren’t major considerations, you just can’t beat the classic warmth and charm of a stained door. It exudes craftsmanship, and offers a timeless touch to any San Diego home. Just make sure you trust your project to someone with proven expertise.

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