Should You Paint the Staircase Railing in Your San Diego Home?

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As a San Diego painting company, we often are asked to complete major transformations. For example, take a look at this beachside beauty!

Comprehensive updates are powerful and fun to watch unfold; there’s not doubt about it. We also believe, however, in the value of localized updates. These smaller-scale transformations can take you by surprise, leaving you wondering why exactly you waited so long to make the change.

As a case in point, let’s explore the idea of painting your staircase railing.

3 Similarities Between Painting Staircases and Painting Kitchen Cabinets

As a brief side note, painting your staircase and painting kitchen cabinets share some striking similarities, and so do the factors that prompt these projects. Here are a few of the top examples:

  • Railings are high-traffic surfaces. From kids thundering down the stairs to inevitable bumps and scrapes, time isn’t kind to the woodwork and finish.
  • If your home is a few decades old (or older), the existing color or stain might be a little dated and not quite work for you anymore.
  • An update can create an incredible transformation!

Should You Hire a Professional to Paint Your Staircase?

Technically, like almost any project, you can tackle it yourself. There are a few key reasons, however, why hiring a professional painter can save you a lot of time and more than a few headaches:

  • Product Selection Experience/Expertise - It is essential that you pair the right product to the specific needs of your surface.
  • It’s Hard Work! - Stripping, refinishing, or painting a staircase is extremely tedious, tricky work. It may not seem like a big surface at first glance, but the intricacy of all of the sides, angles, and tenacity of the existing finish make this a nightmare for most DIY-ers.
  • It Can Be Messy - A professional painter is experienced, equipped, and well-versed in containment procedures.
  • Finish Quality - Let’s circle back to the kitchen cabinet painting similarities again. There is often a huge gap between the finish quality of professional work and the well-intentioned weekend project. Having the right tools, equipment, and experience is a must.
  • Repairs and Prep - The lion’s share of a quality, enduring painting process is found in initial repairs and prep. Most homeowners aren’t quite sure how to ensure that the surface is as ready for refinishing as it needs to be, or how to make carpentry repairs that may be required.

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