Your Exterior Painting and Maintenance Checklist

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Your Exterior Painting and Maintenance Checklist

Ready for springtime? 

Of course you are! Weather is always (or nearly always) fantastic here in San Diego, but there’s still something refreshing and rejuvenating about the spring season. 

As winter’s end approaches, we’re already beginning to fill our exterior schedule. This is the perfect opportunity to check for any exterior damage or decay, repair and refresh your home, then enjoy the spring and summer with sound surfaces. 

So, what should be on your exterior maintenance checklist?

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#1: Stucco Repair

Cracks happen! But, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. A hairline crack may be normal, but if it grows wide enough to slip a credit card inside (our own rule of thumb), it’s time to patch and repair. This not only keeps your home looking its best, but also protects again moisture intrusion, pests, etc.

Pro Tip: Make sure your sprinkler system doesn’t reach your siding, soaking it with water. Relentless moisture exposure like this can compromise your stucco over time.

#2: Check for Wood Rot

The sooner you can catch wood rot, the better. A thorough inspection is worthwhile, nipping any issues in the bud. In particular, we look for weak, soft wood in high-risk area, like siding, trim, door and window frames, deck boards, etc. 

Pro Tip: Make sure any hedges or bushes are trimmed back from your home’s siding. Contact with plants can increase the risk and spread of wood rot.

#3: Don’t Wait Until Total Paint Failure

We’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating. If you wait until your exterior paint is totally failing, you’ve waited way, way too long. Routine maintenance is much more cost-effective, eliminating the need to start from scratch every time. 

#4: Ever Considered Power Washing? 

Believe it or not, power washing should be a key part of your home maintenance strategy. Consider it this way: which washes your car better? Sitting out in a rainstorm, or a thorough wash and wax by hand? A professional power washing restores your home’s shine like nothing else, and can actually extend the life of your paint and stain by removing contaminants. 

#5: Stains and Finishes

Paint is important, but so is stain! In fact, staining and finishing your exterior woodwork is the first line of defense against wood rot, pest intrusion, water damage, and more. Keeping that coating fresh is key, and it’s best to do it before the summer heat hits.

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