Experiencing the Difference of Professional Exterior Painting in Mission Hills

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When it comes to most things in life, there’s an easy way, and there’s a right way. Painting your home’s exterior is no exception.

We’ve talked in the past about finding a reputable team to handle your painting projects, as well as the value of prep work in exterior painting. A recent San Diego painting project offers a great opportunity to combine both ideas under one roof.

In Exterior Painting, Preparation is Key

While these photos might seem similar to you, they actually represent multiple steps of preparation. It takes expertise to be able to assess a project and know what it needs along the way, but it takes experience to implement each of these steps in practice. Let’s take a closer look at the pictures...

1) First, you’ll see a gray house with white shutters. This is the home prior to any work being performed.

2) In the second picture, the shutters have been removed, and we’ve done some extensive scraping. Here’s a pro tip: unless the paint is cured and bonded to the wood, it should be removed, or else you risk moisture collecting beneath the paint and causing further peeling.

3) In the third image, each of the scraped areas has been coated with primer. Afterwards, we patched each area with epoxy and primed a second time. This process protects the bare wood and brings the whole surface to a place where it’s ready to be painted.

4) Can you spot all the differences in the fourth image? Most noticeably, we’ve painted the house with two coats of a sky blue Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint. But we’ve also painted the foundation, the meter and piping, the flashing, and the window framing. We covered the meter face, outdoor lighting, and window panes to keep them clean during painting.

No two house painting projects are alike, and this is one example of how each home requires its own specific TLC in order to be properly and thoroughly protected.

The Knowing Versus Doing of Exterior Painting

While some homeowners try to tackle their own exterior painting projects, most never attempt it twice. We’ve been around plenty of homes where the project was handled improperly, and they had to hire professionals a season later to redo the work they’d done. All in all, it’s in your best interest to get the job done right the first time!

Your Professional Exterior Painters in the San Diego Area

Working with friendly and knowledgeable professionals always makes the experience more enjoyable. At Chism Brothers Painting, we’ve been serving the San Diego area for a long time. We know our customers and we offer the best exterior painting in the area. Let’s discuss your project today!

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