Exterior Home Painting Project

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Our team recently finished another awesome exterior house painting project. Spring is the perfect time to get updates done around the house, and nothing is more important than keeping up with your exterior.

As you can see from the before photos, this home was in serious need of repairs before our team could begin painting. Simply ignoring proper preparation before the painting would have yielded less than satisfactory results!

Repair your rot!

The first step to an exterior painting project is to repair surface damage. Rotting wood will continue to compromise the house. While it may be tempting to simply paint over the rot, this is only putting a bandaid on a deteriorating situation.

Although you may not be able to repair the damage to your home, our team is equipped to repair wood damage before we start painting! Sometimes, we may need to remove an entire piece of wood and install a new piece, and other times, we may simply install a wood patch.

Proper surface preparation is imperative

After the wood rot has been tackled, then we will move on in the preparation process. Part of this includes protecting surfaces that will not be painted, along with landscaping along your house! We may set up scaffolding to allow our team to reach difficult places safely.

Surface prep starts with cleaning the outside of your home. Dust, dirt and debris will accumulate on your home’s exterior and must be removed before we repaint. This will allow the new paint to bond better with the surface. A bonded paint will keep your home safe against moisture, and last much, much longer!

Surface preparation will include:

  • Power washing

  • Removing old paint

  • Sanding the surface

  • Sealing and priming

Protection for years to come

After the team finished with the surface preparation and repairs on this home, it was time to paint. Because the surface was prepared properly, the paint will be able to protect this home against further deterioration for years to come!

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