Exterior Painting and Stucco Repair in Point Loma

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Every enduring exterior painting project is built on a foundation of preparation. No matter how top-shelf your paint products are, or how flawless and thorough your application might be, if the surface itself isn’t sturdy and receptive, the finish is compromised before it even begins.

To show you a great example of what this preparation often includes here in the San Diego area, join us for a closer look at this exterior painting transformation in Point Loma.

Stucco Patching and Repair

Stucco is a durable, popular material. Because of its rigid nature, however, it’s susceptible to cracking and damage over time, especially as your home experiences natural shifts and settling.

Your stucco also can be inadvertently put in harm’s way by seemingly benign factors, like a sprinkler being placed too close to the home, or bushes and plants brushing up alongside.

Resulting fractures can quickly grow into major problems if they’re ignored, and especially if moisture is allowed an entry point. The key is to proactively watch for and repair weak sections, and this can be done with the help of routine inspections, maintenance, and painting.


Hairline cracks in your stucco aren’t always an immediate problem. Our rule of thumb is that if a crack is wide enough for a credit card to slip inside, it requires attention.

Our Stucco Repair and Painting Process

Back to our Point Loma project!

  • We began by patching a substantial amount of stucco: about two feet up the length of the right side of the home.
  • After the proper preparation, we painted the stucco with Sherwin-Williams’ Cocoon, flat (SW 6173).
  • For the fascia and overhang we used Sherwin-Williams’ Creamy in a satin sheen (SW 7012).
  • Sherwin-Williams’ Muddled Basil (flat) was finally applied to the front retaining wall, porch, and walkway.

All of these colors were from Sherwin-Williams’ SuperPaint line.

Be sure to click through our slideshow above to see the entire transformation!

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